Monday, August 06, 2007

Falldo Waldo Crawldo Pub Crawl

3rd Annual Falldo Waldo Crawldo Pub Crawl

Don’t miss the Falldo Waldo Crawldo pub crawl Saturday, September 15th. 6pm-???Falldo Waldo Crawldo is the sister pub crawl of the famous Waldo Crawldo held in May. This year’s crawl will feature seven venue locations Lew’s Grill & Bar, 75th Street Brewery, Tanner’s, Bobby Bakers, Kennedy’s, Waldo Bar & Waldo Pizza, all within walking distance of the corner of 75th & Wornall in historic Waldo. Each Venue will offer a special Falldo Waldo Crawldo Passport for sale $5.00 pre-sale or $10.00 the day of the event that is good for admittance in each venue as well as special drink and beer discounts the night of the Pub Crawl.

By visiting all seven venues you will become eligible for one of our eight grand prizes that include a five hour ride on the KC Luxury Bus, Win your own pub crawl for you and ten friends, & much much more….Just return your filled passport by Midnight to any participating location, and they will place your name in a drawing for one of our grand prizes.

Also in attendance will be Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Race Car , Captain Morgan & the Morganettes, Jose Cuervo Girls, & the KC Luxury Bus.

All ticket proceeds will go towards the Waldo Fountain Fund & Waldo Area Business Association.
If you haven't been to Waldo lately you are missing out! Waldo is the new area for dining, shopping, or having a drink with a few friends. All locations are with in walking distance of 75th and Wornall. Just Park and enjoy.

For additional info go to
Media Inquiries Chris Lewellen 816.695.3576 cell email


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Jim said...

More Pubs and Bars in Chicago

Fred J Henzel said...

Oh man Captain Morgan's gang and Jose Cuervo's gang are going to get into a vicious brawl!

A DiClementi said...

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