Friday, July 28, 2006

Chicago's Pitchfork Musical Festival

Two days of Chicago's musical calendar the Pitchfork Music Festival has really brought in the tourist for Chicago. Infact it has continually been sold out.

Confronted with longer and longer lines to buy tickets, which this year, again, is already sold out, the list of Musical Talent it is no wonder.

Looking at the line up it’s easy to see why.


Devendra Banhart

This event has been becoming more and more like a continuous Woodstock, Thus see and being part of this event is that hot bodies are adding to the increase temperatures caused by the summer heat. The same also happen at ole Woody ( Woodstock ), as I would call it.

With the elderly range of those who crashed the 70s, there has been less hippies in the audience- crowds, and filling in the caps are more upward mobile youngster of the 80s and 90s who are staying closer to home in their travels as a result of increase fuel costs.

Nonetheless, the age range still makes it more of youth culture, and as such as maintains its youthful veneer of years gone by.

Taking off your shoes and soxs, thank G - D there are no dogs, and letting your toes start to feel the blades of grass wedge inbetween your toes. Your reach out and cuttle your partner - for this is as real of date you can get with the bucks you are investing, and hear Chicago give one hell of a blast.


Mr. Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York

Monday, July 24, 2006

Why Chicago ?

Why Chicago ...indeed, and here is just some the reasons...

Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ( Roger Meredith Christian ) : Chicago is another American city that never sleeps. During the nights of it's up beat urban energies, and interests, many are caught by surprise how fresh of an experience it is in visiting this community of traders, industrialist, and agricultural industrial producers.

Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC: Then after the hard labors of the day, and with a single will to assist in the feeding of several nations, there is a need for fun. It is during the night when most have the time to enjoy their lives after a hard day at work. Thus play of all sorts come to view, as well as things which relaxes and creates enjoyment at the sametime.

Chicago ( a real Night Life City ) is how both the Mid-West and North East become an intersect transportation center of the United States. Thus this city is the hub of all National air traffic, and largely due to it's location to the farm belts, the trading center of American agriculture. This also applies to the farming districts of Canada to the immediate north of this city of culture and industry.