Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chicago Art News


Chicago ---The Illinois Arts Council (IAC) is pleased to announce the fiscal year 2006 Artists Fellowship Award recipients. Non-matching fellowships in fixed amounts of $7,000 are awarded to Illinois artists in recognition of their outstanding work and commitment within the arts. This year 53 Illinois artists (including two collaborations) will receive Fellowships totaling $357,000.
Finalist Awards of $700 were also awarded to 96 Illinois artists for a total of $20,300. The Finalist Award category recognizes and encourages additional applicants who demonstrate considerable talent.
The Artists Fellowship Program offers funding for 12 artistic disciplines on a two-year rotating cycle. This year's Fellowship and Finalist Award recipients were selected from 486 creative artists working in the disciplines of Choreography, Crafts, Ethnic and Folk Arts, Media Arts, New Performance Forms, Prose, and Scriptworks. In fiscal year 2007, awards will be offered in the five other disciplines of Interdisciplinary/Computer Art, Music Composition, Photography, Poetry, and Visual Arts.

The following jurors reviewed this year’s – 2006

CHOREOGRAPHY: Donna Faye Burchfield, Roanoke, VA; Chung-Fu Chang, Fort Collins, CO; Susan Hadley, Worthington, OH;

CRAFTS: Beth Ann Gerstein, Boston, MA; Bunny McBride, Iowa City, IA; Consuelo Jimenez Underwood, Cupertino, CA;

ETHNIC AND FOLK ARTS: Christina Barr, Elko, NV; Brent Björkman, Columbus, OH; Olivia Cadaval, Washington, DC; William Westerman, Ph.D., Chicago, IL (non-voting, in-state juror);

NEW PERFORMANCE FORMS: Octavio Campos, Miami Beach, FL; Shelley Hirsch, Brooklyn, NY; Michael Smith, Brooklyn, NY/Austin, TX;

MEDIA ARTS: Gretjen Clausing, Philadelphia, PA; Guillermo Galindo, Oakland, CA; Herb Smith, Whitesburg, KY;

PROSE: Diana Abu-Jaber, Miami, FL; Hilary Masters, Pittsburgh, PA; Brent Spencer, Denton, NE;

SCRIPTWORKS: Elizabeth Brown-Guillory, Houston, TX; Charles Deemer, Portland, OR; Dennis Safren, North Hollywood, CA.

Editors Note: These people will be looked at during internet searches for the year 2007.

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